Instagram redesign

Personal, App-design, UI design, iOS

Personal redesign of the Instagram app for iOS, based on the rumors of a flatter redesign of the upcoming iOS 7.

I added a favorites function, speeding up your daily Instagram updates from your closest friends and family, if you follow too many.
Your favorites show up in updates as well, when they are tagged or upload a new photo.

I also got rid of unnescessary buttons (like the "X Photos" in the profile which does nothing but scroll down to the photos..) and split the Tweet/Report button into two buttons to put emphasis on the idea of sharing your friends photos.

Clicking on the new "Photos of you" function would now fill the profile feed like the Grid view, instead of opening a new screen, and the map is now a larger part of the profile, instead of just one small button next to three.
Instagram redesign / Personal, App-design, UI design, iOS
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