LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7

Design, Animation, Editing, Digital Campaign
While working for Ignition Interactive, Santa Monica, I got to work on the digital campaign for the LEGO® Harry Potter™: Years 5-7 game that came out in November 2011.

For WB-Games we created a facebook-page where fans could find information, see screenshots and talk about the new and the old game. We also created the Dueling Club-application that allowed fans to create their own student avatar, customize it and choose what Hogwarts-house they belonged to.
Fans could then practice and cast spells on friends, duel other students, compete and win prizes.

I had a good time working and did a lot of different things for this campaign:

Trailer design, animation and editing.
Facebook-page wireframing and UI design.
Static-, and Flash Bannerdesign.
Gameplay spells-, and effects animations.
Circle-loader design and animation.
UI design based on Jonas Erikssons designs for the application.
3D modelling (Hourglasses and Ebublio spell).
Dueling Club Logo-design and animation.

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Instagram redesign / Personal, App-design, UI design, iOS
Koppi - Fine Coffee Roasters & Café / Webdesign, Art Direction, Branding, Development
Sebastian Wijk - Under a Hole / Music Video, Art Direction, Compositing, Editing, Unit A Photography
Quesicplayer / App-design, UI design, Android
LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 / Design, Animation, Editing, Digital Campaign
Loka / Illustration, Concept & Idea Development, Design
Asimov / Motion Graphics
September 11 / Illustration
The XV / Web
Molnigt / Illustration
Karlskrona / Illustration
WeSC - We Are / Mural
WeSC / Motion Graphics
Motionweek / Motion Graphics