The XV

The XV is the fifteenth class studying Digital Media at Hyper Island, Karlskrona. This is the student-directory, with descriptions of my classmates and links to their portfolios.

My main role was Art Director for The XV-campaign, brand and website, but I also did:

Idea & concept development
Logo Design

The website was released on the 15th of may at Sid Lee, Amsterdam. Invites was sent out in mysterious envelopes with riddles inside.
Instagram redesign / Personal, App-design, UI design, iOS
Koppi - Fine Coffee Roasters & Café / Webdesign, Art Direction, Branding, Development
Sebastian Wijk - Under a Hole / Music Video, Art Direction, Compositing, Editing, Unit A Photography
Quesicplayer / App-design, UI design, Android
LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 / Design, Animation, Editing, Digital Campaign
Loka / Illustration, Concept & Idea Development, Design
Asimov / Motion Graphics
September 11 / Illustration
The XV / Web
Molnigt / Illustration
Karlskrona / Illustration
WeSC - We Are / Mural
WeSC / Motion Graphics
Motionweek / Motion Graphics